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The Greatest Joshua Dudley Fan Club Page Ever

This is a page detailing all my writing

One day I'll be a slightly famous children's book writer and you can say that you read these short stories years before they were published. Consider yourselves fortunate. This is some of my best stuff.

Being Sick

Yes I purposefully tried my best at writing a doctor seuss type tale. This is a conversation a little boy has with a little girl while he is sick in bed. He's trying to decide what he thinks about it.

Trying Times

This is a short children's story that I wrote about a little orphan girl. I think it's sweet and sad all at the same time. I really like it a lot. I hope you will too

I Remember When I Was Little
I wrote this piece as a response to a memory i have of me on a bicycle at like 14 or 15 biking past these 2 6 year old kids. One of them turned to the other one and said "I remember when I was little. So this is my attempt at simulating the rest of that conversation