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Being Sick

Michelle, Michelle how are you?

I hope that you are doing well.

It would be awful if the next time I saw you

You had a story of being sick to tell

Because being sick can be no fun at all

You canít very well throw a ball down the hall

And thatís not all

When youíre sick you can do almost nothing at all.

If youíre sick you canít go swimming

because the other swimmers would stop swimming.

When youíre sick you canít go to school

The principle knows itís against the rule.

When youíre inside feeling sick then youíre missing all the outside fun

And fun that is missed is fun that is done

When the magician is performing his last big trick

Youíre home in bed feeling sick sick sick

But on the other hand if youíre sick in bed

Itís really quite hard to bump your head

And your mom might make you breakfast instead.

And if you have a fever of one hundred and two

Itís okay because you have nothing to do

Donít even bother with tying your shoe

When youíre sick people take care of you.

And if youíre at home feeling sick

Remember Ė no schoolwork Ė not a lick!

Wow a day of no work Ė thatíll do the trick!

Say I guess being sick can be fun after all!

You get to relax, youíll have a ball

Being sick is fun after all!

So goodbye, see you later!

Weíll talk another day

Michelle, Michelle

Iím glad youíre okay