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I Remember When I was Little

I remember when I was little

I used to fall over all the time

I couldnít tie my shoes

and I couldnít tell time

I sure couldnít ride a two-wheeled bike

and there werenít any vegetables that I actually did like

I didnít brush my teeth

And I didnít wash my hair

If you found someplace clean

Then I wouldnít be there

I didnít know my left

And I didnít know my right

And I kind of thought the sun was awfully bright

I donít know about red

But I really liked green

And my crabby big sister sure was mean

I played in the sand

And I played in the dirt

Cuz everybody knows that dirt donít hurt

It would have come in handy

If I could make up my bed

But if I had to choose

I would nap instead

But thereís one thing I do know

And this I can say

Iíll never be like that again

I turn 7 years old today