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The Greatest Joshua Dudley Fan Club Page Ever

This is a page detailing all my writing

I have quite a collection of blatherings over the years. Many of them are quite good, so I thought I would collect them here on the net where they could be showcased to anyone nearby a computer that has access to the internet. By the way, did you know its redundant to use the same big word twice in a sentence? That's why I changed the spelling of it slightly.

Thing to do After Lunch

This is a book that I wrote the first chapter of one night as a response to studying all night for a physics exam in my second year at CNU. It has been terribly unfinished for years, but what is here is incredibly funny and detailed.


This is a book im working on semi-often that I hope will one day be an exercise in schools. Basically, you start with a thought, or a sentence, or an idea and then you just write without pause until you stop. The intended idea is for you to write a huge paragraph that is one complete thought.

What It's All About
This is yet another unfinished book project that examines the uses of the popular phrase "that's what it's all about"

This is a collection of my poems. If it ever gets big enough (I'm talking quality here) I'll consider sending it off for submission

The Complete Idiots Guide to Idiots
This is a large chunk of my best unfinished book which i have put here hoping my friend Kevin Hanel will read it and agree to help me co-write it so i will finally be a published author

This links you to my page of children's stories. There is actually three of them finished right now