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The Joshua Dudley Compatibility Quiz #1


Ahem, Yes I realize that a few of you readers have pointed out that this section is no longer new. This is just acknowleding this fact. Something new will be posted here later. Until then, read the old if you please, or don't if you won't. Thank you - management.

Following in the footsteps of all brave fashion magazines, I have decided to put it to you my loyal readers to find out how much like me you really are! Simply take this quiz, calculate your score, and then you can relax secure in the knowledge that you can add numbers together.


Question #1 If you have forgotten someone’s name, and a reasonable amount of time has passed so that you should not be forgetting their name, and would probably get a weird look for asking, what do you do?

A) Ask them their name.

B) Hang around with them in a group and wait for someone to use their name.

C) Use a tv show style ploy where you get them to write their name on something.

D) Do like they did on that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry couldn’t remember his new girlfriends name. “If you kiss her it’s too late to ask for her name again.”


Question #2 If someone calls in the middle of you eating your bowl of Captain Crunch cereal, and you take the call in another room while your cereal is quickly soggifying, what do you do when you return to the breakfast table from the phone call ten minutes later?

A) Finish eating your cereal.

B) Throw away your cereal.

C) Leave the cereal there and pretend nothing happened.

D) Give your cereal to the nearest animal that will eat something this disgusting.


Question #3 If your sister/brother/husband/roommate/talking dog,etc. complains to you about the filthy way that you leave the bathroom, do you?

A) Ignore the problem trusting that it will resolve itself.

B) Clean up the mess, after all you left it there.

C) Sleep on it. (the problem, not the mess)

D) Think about doing it, but eventually forget before you have to go back to school or work


Question #4 If your cat is curled up peacefully on your bed, do you?

A) Throw the filthy animal on to the floor.

B) Call it sweet pet names, then rub its little head, and curl up next to it briefly.

C) Feed it food where it lies.

D) Sleep on a different bed so as not to disturb him.


Question #5 When a movie has ended at a theatre, but a song is on that you like do you?

A) Try to remember the name of the song and download it off the internet.

B) Dance to the song on your way outside in the pouring rain.

C) Say, “hey guys – wait up”

D) Chalk it up to the benefits of friendship of not being able to stick around past the closing credits.


Question #6 How do you feel about Carrot Top 1-800 Collect Commercials?

A) I feel they were personally made to ruin my brain.

B) How long can this guy keep using the same gag?

C) Why in the world would anyone want to do what this clown says?

D) Chairman of the Board was the greatest movie of all time.


Question #7 Do you enjoy the MTV “lifestyle”?

A) Huh?

B) I’m going to see O-Town in concert.

C) Rosie O’Donnell is my hero.

D) No.


Question #8 What do you do when a telemarketer calls up?

A) Hang up immediately.

B) Take me off your list.

C) Endlessly drone I’m not interested until they hang up or pass out.

D) Be nice to them and occasionally be taken in by their scams.


Question #9 Favorite Beatles Album?

A) The White Album

B) Abbey Road

C) Beatles for Sale

D) Seriously, who are you talking about?


Question #10 Favorite sarcastic comment to use in times when the world around you seems incredibly stupid.

A) Actually, that’s not true at all.

B) Well, just the opposite actually.

C) This is the most fun I’ve ever had in the universe.

D) I completely agree 100 percent with what you’re saying.


Congratulations on reading this far and discovering the bottom of the page.

These are the answers to the ten questions. Give yourself one point for each one you get right. Give yourself a half point for each one you think you were close to.

1-B, 2-B or D, 3-D, 4-B, 5-B or D, 6-A,B, or C (negative points for D), 7-D, 8-D, 9-B, 10-D


Now for your results:


0-1.5 points = Are you sure you’re a member of the Joshua Dudley Fan Club?


2-3.5 points = It’s entirely conceivable that you could have been at a group function with Josh Dudley at sometime in your life.


4-6 points = There’s a good chance that Josh thinks you’re an okay dude or interesting girl and runs into you at the Video Store and says, “Hey what’s happenin?”


6.5-7.5 points = You run into Josh a lot and think he’s the best ever for good reasons, and have good conversations with him about every 6 months or so.


8-9 points = If you’re not already you need to be hanging out with Josh seriously. He could use someone with your obvious intelligence, good looks, and taste.


9.5-10 points = If you’re not his best friend or girlfriend you really need to be. I mean what else are you thinking about now except calling him at 757-898-6606? Eat pizza together, talk about why Pearl Jam is still awesome, about the great Marlon Brando, about how sad it is that every time the Melody Makers come to town the radio stations plug them by playing Bob Marley songs from 20 some years ago, or just bond with Josh and talk about the Lord and how good he is. You know, something like that. Congratulations on being more like Josh than should be possible.