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The Greatest Joshua Dudley Fan Club Page Ever

The Joshua Dudley fan club mailer #1 July 6, 2001

ďThe grass is always greener on the other side of the fenceĒ

There, itís done. The official first quote of the new Joshua Dudley fan club is out of the way. By now many of you are thinking to yourself ďIíve heard that quote before somewhere, I donít think he made that upÖĒ Itís true. I didnít make that quote up, and I donít know who did, but I bet if there are any 12 year old kids out there with a computer of their own and a dsl modem, they could find the answer for me in about an hour. Keep in mind itís not the answer that is important in a quest like this it is the journeyÖ Why does that sound like a nike commercial?

Anyway, letís talk about the quote and see if we can learn something from it. The first thing we can determine from this quote is itsí age. The quote is referring to grass and fences. There has been plenty of grass all through the ages in most parts of the world, but fences have been in much shorter supply. Anyone with a couple hundred bucks a month can rent an apartment with a little bit of grass in it, and there may even be a fence somewhere that you could look over and see greener grass than is in your yard. However, you wouldnít much care about that greener grass because youíre not some sick fiend with a biology major; no youíre just an apartment dweller who rents the apartment. You certainly donít rent the grass, and most likely donít even have a lawnmower to cut the grass - thatís what landlords are for. In other words it would be safe to assume that the person who first said ďthe grass is always greener on the other side of the fenceĒ actually owned his house, grass, fence and all. He must have really cared for his yard, and no matter how much care and love he put into his grass there was always that pesky neighbor (letís call him Wilson for the sake of argument) who had better grass than he, which he could see by looking over his fence. It also stands to reason then, that a property owner with grass and a fence who cared about how his grass looked compared to his next door neighbors grass probably didnít actually exist until sometime in the 1800ís. Why you ask? Because before then very few people actually had next door neighbors, and the ones who did had next door neighbors who only lived next door because they worked for them and their boss always told them never to lean on the fence on the job, but thatís another story.

The quote does not make any reference to the fact of what the first person to use this quote actually did to his next door neighbors grass over the fence. Did he poison the grass in some way in a bizarre effort to make his own grass look better? Did he try to buy out his neighborsí house and yard, claiming he was annexing it to make room for a new highway expansion? We may never actually know the answers to these important questions as they are lost for time forever, and are more or less unimportant.

Yours Truly, Joshua Dudley, the one and only.

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