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The Greatest Joshua Dudley Fan Club Page Ever

Fan Club Issue #6: How Not To Write A Humor Column

It recently occurred to me that many people out there might be thinking about writing their own humor column but have no idea how to get started or where to find help. Well, just your luck this particular pot of gold at the end of the rainbow contains many factual and some not quite factual tips on things to avoid doing should you ever begin the envious task of writing a humor column.

I have indexed them by number so you can follow along easily. Now remember, this article is called "how to not write a humor column", so should you come upon a number with some bold words behind it that say "don't be funny" - just do the opposite and you'll come out okay! Come on and just follow your computers glare on downward a few lines and read on!

1) Use plenty of bad jokes. Despite how you may feel about great humor columns you have read or are thinking about writing they are not a good forum for old 1930's style vaudeville jokes. Please, I urge you, do not begin a humor column with a knock-knock joke, asking about various methods of changing lightbulbs, a discussion of various creatures crossing the road, or this - So I went to see my doctor and I told him I hadn't had a bite all day. So he bit me. I think you get the point. Humor Columns are where you vent thoughts about policemen, mismatched socks, insurance forms, etc., not where you do your best literary George Burns or Jack Benny impressions.